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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bright lights, big city

For no discernible reason, EGRT has decided to leave the lights on.  All the time.  Whether they are working or not.
So this is what shines in the windows of the local residents.

First, it is really really bright.  In fact, it's a bid eery coming into a dark room with this light on behind the curtains.  It's like the aliens are landing their space ship.

Second, what a waste of electricity.   Has nobody taught these people the value of turning out the lights?  Where were their mothers when they were growing up?

Third, and most amazingly, is to date, nobody has complained!  It seems everyone just figures it's part of the construction. But it isn't. And it's annoying.

EGRT, be good neighbours  - last one to leave, turn out the lights!

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