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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yes, it's been a year

Too much going on, change at work, more responsibility - it snowballed - so I'm going to summarize 2014 in pictures:

and finally they have done this section, and put in snazzy light poles.  North Road is still a mess - there's nothing to say about that.  The EGRT rep came to us and explained they need non-rainy weather to finish, so don't look for that until next year.  In the meantime, a bit less of a battle zone.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Planning initiatives in the Burquitlam Station Neighbourhood

Let's see - we have a Transit Oriented Development Strategy or TDS.
The city as a new TDS which is a recent key initiative.  You can read the document on their website.
Among the items in this document, there is the introduction of the Community Amenity Contribution or CAC.
This brochure explains the new program but only applies if there is a rezoning or redevelopment.

In conjunction with this, there will be an update to the Burquitlam and Lougheed Neighbourhood Plans starting in early 2014.  The completion is aimed for early 2015 so it appears this will be a year long process.

It's nice to see this is finally getting going. Like the "Nevergreen line" which finally came to pass, the Burquitlam Neighbourhood Plan is long overdue and was formerly targeted for September 2013. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Power outage

Thank you, EGRT for the power outage today.  It's great that we get no warning, and there is no consideration for the people that live here.  Thank you for making our lives a little bit harder than you already do.  We don't mind you coming in and making a bunch of noise and tearing up the joint.  But how about some consideration for the people that live and work here?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Traffic - with a comment

Temporary Nighttime Closures of Como Lake Avenue
between Clarke Road and Elmwood Street
As part of the assembly of the launching truss for the Evergreen Line, there will be temporary nighttime closures of Como Lake Avenue between Clarke Road and Elmwood Street on November 23 and November 30. Crews will be using a large crane to move the launching truss into its final position so that it is ready to hoist segments and begin construction of the elevated guideway.

  • Nearby residents can expect noise related to nighttime construction activities, including the use of heavy machinery. Every effort will be made to minimize noise and disruptions when possible.

Really?  More than there has been?  Call me jaded but it seems to me that we're already experiencing a lot of nighttime noise during the week.  And as per my previous post, even when they aren't working, they leave stuff going.  Is this an effort to make things so bad we'll hardly notice the annoyance of the Skytrain once it is running because anything will be better than this?

Bright lights, big city

For no discernible reason, EGRT has decided to leave the lights on.  All the time.  Whether they are working or not.
So this is what shines in the windows of the local residents.

First, it is really really bright.  In fact, it's a bid eery coming into a dark room with this light on behind the curtains.  It's like the aliens are landing their space ship.

Second, what a waste of electricity.   Has nobody taught these people the value of turning out the lights?  Where were their mothers when they were growing up?

Third, and most amazingly, is to date, nobody has complained!  It seems everyone just figures it's part of the construction. But it isn't. And it's annoying.

EGRT, be good neighbours  - last one to leave, turn out the lights!