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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upcoming election

Interesting story in the Tri-City News which shows all the upcoming candidates for the October by-election.

And the candidates are....

Eleven Coquitlam residents — and one person from Port Moody — have filed their nomination papers to run in the Oct. 26 byelection.
The byelection is being held to replace Linda Reimer and Selina Robinson, who were elected as MLAs in May.
The contenders are:
Read The Tri-City News' print edition on Wednesday for a brief introduction to the candidates.

But the best part is in the electronic version you can click on each person's name and read all their information that they had to file.  And this tells us who lives where and their union or other organization affiliates.  I see some people list all the public shares in which they are invested, which seems to me to be a big "so what".  If they can't direct IBM why do we care if they have 5 shares of it?   Looking forward to meeting *all* these people at the All Candidate's meeting in Burquitlam.  Let's see where they stand on local issues.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September in Burquitlam

A few days away brings a lot of change.  The intersection of Smith and Clarke is either one lane or shut down completely most days.  It is best, for now, to detour onto Como Lake.

Where the DQ once stood is now a post.

and the posts are going up quickly.

 In front of M&M you get a good shot of where the station will be with the new posts that will support it.

 And if you walk across the street you can see the grade of the train going into the ground. 

At this point, Burquitlam is still marginalized.  Largely ignored by both Coquitlam and Burnaby, it can occasionally be difficult to get services in this area.  But a new sidewalk is coming on North Road where none exists.  Of course it is hugely political.  Coquitlam residents pushed for it, but the City of Coquitlam said it was too expensive for the Coquitlam side, so they want to put it on the Burnaby side.  It should go without saying that Burnaby has said "well sure, but why should we do the upkeep".  Give me a break - is it so impossible for these people to cooperate?  Maybe it's time for Vancouver to swallow these small communities and give them a good kick in the pants much like Toronto has done.  While they bicker, it is the individual homeowners (who pay their taxes that they always forget) who lose.

With that in mind, Coquitlam is having a by-election.  October 26, 2013 we will vote in a couple of new councillors.  Wouldn't it be great if they were the type of people who put people first, and politics and power second?  Of the candidates, the only one I've seen out there is Bonita Zarillo.  Are we already marginalized before they even get voted in?

ONA President to run for council

Yoinked from the Burquitlam Community Association website - which has pulled it down??

From the Now News:
Oakdale Neighbourhood Association president Ben Craig has officially confirmed his intention to run in the Coquitlam byelection next month. - See more at:
"I'll run on a platform that supports communities, our small businesses and the taxpayer," Craig said in an email to the Tri-Cities NOW. "With the cost of government going straight up in our city, I believe a taxpayer-focused councillor is desperately needed. I've been a financial advisor for 15 years. I understand the value of a dollar and the need to stick to budgets." - See more at:
"Burquitlam will transform in the next few years," he said.
"With Evergreen Line construction underway and thousands of new residents coming to our area, it's more important than ever to have a strong voice for our region."
- See more at:

We truly wish him good luck as Burquitlam desperately needs more vocal representation on Council.

You can find Ben on Twitter @bencraig
On Facebook, like Ben Craig for Council
And On Linked In.