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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evergreen Line January 2012 Update

Well they say it's going ahead.  11 km, 6 stations (turnstiles?  could we be so lucky)

The Tricities News had an interesting article.   According to the news
"Currently, city staff are working on four neighbourhood and area plans to concentrate the influx — in City Centre, Maillardville and Burquitlam as well as in Partington Creek, a new area on Burke Mountain."

And this doesn't sound good for Burquitlam....
"But according to a 2012 action plan report released Monday, the neighbourhood plan update for Burquitlam — where development pressures are being felt in anticipation of an Evergreen Line station by Burquitlam Plaza — is listed as “currently not resourced,” a comment that annoyed many councillors at the council-in-committee meeting. 
“We’ve been working full-out and we’ve had more success in getting more efficient in the planning department,” Irvine told The Tri-City News Wednesday. “Burquitlam is important. It needs a new area plan because it’s got the Evergreen Line. It’s got significant demands now for higher-density development in that area. And we really do recognize that we need to improve the overall community amenities in that greater area.” "

They talk about community meetings, input, changes to the neighbourhood plan - but considering we're the first stop on the line, how come they are under resourced here?  I realize that they are right - the vocal minority is the loudest voice.  But the silent majority?  Maybe they need to start coming out the Burquitlam Community Association meetings.  There's one coming up this week.

From the Coquitlam Animal Shelter

Cat Identification Registration
Help Your Cat Find Its Way Home

The City of Coquitlam recognizes the importance and value of all pets having some form of identification. New for 2012, the City of Coquitlam has therefore improved our services for cat owners too. The Coquitlam Animal Shelter provides service for the stray animals of Coquitlam and Port Moody so residents of both Cities will benefit from this new cat identification registration.

Hundreds of pets in Coquitlam and Port Moody go missing from their homes and are brought to the Animal Shelter every year. Dogs tend to have better identification and therefore are claimed by owners 85% of the time. Alternately, cats tend to lack adequate identification and are reunited with their families less than 12% of the time. This drastic difference has caused the City of Coquitlam to ask “How can we increase the chances of cats finding their way home again?”

Cat owners are encouraged to provide improved permanent identification for cats to increase the chance of reuniting you with your cat should he go missing. If your cat has a form of permanent identification, such as a tattoo or a microchip, we will register your cat’s information into our database. If your cat does not have a form of permanent identification, please contact the Animal Shelter to inquire about our low cost microchip clinics held approximately once every two months.

The benefit of this cat identification registration is that should your cat go missing and be brought to the Animal Shelter, we will be able to match your pet quickly and contact you that he has been found. Registering your cat also gives you the added advantage of knowing that your pet records are kept secure along with any other relevant information you supply such as medical conditions or a photograph of your pet.

There is no charge for this new service for 2012. Please take the time to fill out a cat registration form in person or online and email, fax, mail or drop it off at the Animal Shelter at 500 Mariner Way.

For more information regarding Animal Services, or if your pet has gone missing, please call 604-927-7386.

Design Plans for Burquitlam (and Lougheed)

Found this on poking around the Internet.  It's from 2008 but makes for interesting reading - especially if you live in the area.

Monday, January 9, 2012

528 Como Lake

At this address, apparently some new townhouses or condos are being built.  That's great except for a few things.  First, to get into these places, the owners will have to access off Como Lake.  For those who take Como Lake during rush hour, we can clearly see that the chances of getting out of these places and onto Como Lake are going to be slim during peak time.  They will have to really rely on the kindness of strangers (who will have me honking them like crazy). 
But second, the construction people are merrily just working right out into Como Lake and blocking a lane during rush hour - not even worrying about how they are affecting traffic.  Whomever thought that up - well let's just say it wasn't.  Thought.

I did get some feedback from the BCA - the local Community Association. It seems that they have been shunted around and ignored on this development.  It seems when the developer was asking for public input, they meant only from people who agreed with them.

It seems to me if you want to have a development supported by the community, estranging them is not the way to do it.  Boo to this poorly designed and poorly executed project.