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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Is something missing from this picture?

Interesting to note that Intracorp Developments Ltd got approval for a 206 unit development in the Foster Ave area.  This is in the 514-554 Foster Ave, but no word on where those  people go.  The Burquitlam Community Garden will, however, be expanded.  Is that the "gimme"?  No word on increased parks, community programs, schools.  Oh wait, we have transit.  That must make it all better.  There is a public hearing set for July 22 for the rezoning application.

Received an email from the BCA strongly opposing this.  But there has been little from other members of that area.  It will be interesting to see if this gets pushed through as is, or if Intracorp will at least offer some community concessions to placate the neighbourhood.

Watching the construction

The Evergreen Line construction has a webcam (well two, actually).  You can view the construction at

There are also some updates here which give cute little pictures, FWIW.