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Sunday, September 16, 2012


The local BCA meeting this week revealed that Bosa has apparently bought the subsidized housing site.  We have long commented that the site wouldn't last with the densification.  It's too much property and not enough income for the City.  At the meeting, it was mentioned that Bosa would like to put up some high rises - 32 stories.  That's a lot of densification.  Let's hope we get some super amenities out of it.

The new Safeway will have some under-it parking.  I'm wondering if they will have a problem with commuter parking that a lot of other areas have had.  Look at Holdom, with all it's "resident only" signs.  It won't be long before the City of Coquitlam will have to do the same thing to make sure the people who live here have adequate parking, even if they are taking the skytrain.  At a past meeting, however, it was noted that developers are cutting down on the ratio of parking to suites - so suites will have less parking.  Personally, I think that will make them less attractive.  Or possibly, it will make older buildings more attractive.  Let's hope.

The sign says it all.  Taken last night, with all the traffic and the confusion, the project is underway.  We stopped at one of the local cafes and they are quiet.  Much around them is gone.  I have to wonder if the fate of these poor business owners will be similar to the Cambie merchants.