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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Changes in the neighbourhood

More changes abound.  On Smith, we have the hole at Bloom.  This project is both townhomes and apartments.

This is behind Safeway.
Oh sorry, behind where Safeway was - but is no more.  Safeway closed last week - and already the fence is up and the diggers have moved in.
Safeway will open in 2 years in a brand new building, with more parking and hopefully a bigger organic section.  For now, you can see the broadening hole in the front.  Down North Road the construction is in full swing.  The road is being widened, and pipes are going in. 

Probably, though the biggest casualty this week is....

The sign on the door says that they have moved, down by Ikea, but that ends the late night summer walks to the ol' DQ.    The plans for the area are circulating so it looks like the "Nevergreen" line is about to become the "Evergreen" line. 
In the meantime - get out of Burquitlam by 7am or you are caught in construction-rush hour traffic (my traffic tip for the construction zone)